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Engage with a community dedicated to healing their relationship with their story through thoughtful and empowering posts to accompany you on this never ending journey of healing.



The online and live workshops create a space that encourages safety without judgement so they can take a step back from the loop of shame and guilt so they can embrace their identity through acceptance and self reliance. 



Connect to the power of your voice and a healing way to express yourself through emotional writing prompts and activities that shift you from a self conscious writer to a self assured writer.  



One on one and group coaching options that help you connect to the power within yourself to heal so you can break unhealthy cycles, find clarity, and process suppressed emotions.



Dive Deep Into Your Story to Discover Who You Are and Who You Want to Become

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I help you tap into your authentic voice by repairing the relationship you have with your emotions so you can feel, write, and move forward. 

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my name is amy Kochek

Why Hello...!

In 2014, I started to write and self-publish my first book, "The Fate of a Rotting Heart." Initially, the content was outlined as a non-fiction, teaching style book. But after I was abruptly awoken from my sleep at 3:00 am on a random Tuesday morning, what poured out of me was close to 4,000 words of untapped emotions and trauma from my childhood. 

I was born into a religious family. Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays were . . . 

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"Amy's coaching allowed my to expand beyond my comfort zone. I have been given the gift of healing from Amy to tap in to a part of myself and to unleash the creative, cognitive, emotional and many more areas in my life on paper. Thank you for all the tools and support. I will take with me all the strategies and tools you gifted us with. Namaste."                                                                                        - Rashmi S.

This coaching program has made me see emotional writing in a different way and I am no longer ashamed of my story or afraid to revisit it. Thank you, Amy!                                                                         - Katherine R.

I really want to thank you, Amy. You have been such a wonderful coach, guide, and support during this program. I was initially nervous about going back to my story. But now, I actually wish the program was longer. I enjoyed your time and dedication to all of us. You have a way of engaging with us that no other coach has done thus far. You have been a true delight. I have learned to not be scared to write or express my thoughts, not only when writing but when communicating as well. You have had quite an impact on my life.                        - Ashley M.

I am most proud of the way I was able to open up in my writing the way that I did. Each writing exercise was therapeutic for me and allowed me to just vent and let out long hidden emotions. I feel so good and so free!
- Jazmin G.

I witnessed myself grow and heal throughout this entire process. I didn’t have much motivation for life and felt frustrated with my current life's situation. I had just lost confidence in myself. But because emotional writing allowed me to unlock my passion and life's purpose by going back to my story, it was so therapeutic to me. Yes, I'm still not perfect, but this brought my inspiration back and that I think is something to be proud of.       
                  - Adriana R.

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