Amy Kochek
Free Your Story Workshop
Saturday, June 29th
Free Your Story Workshop
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Using your story as the source of insight and discovery, find clarity and direction for your life!
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Saturday, June 29th
9:00 AM - 5 PM

USF Saint Petersburg
140 7th Ave S
St. Pete, FL 33701

A workshop designed to help you look at your life in a totally new way!
You want a life filled with
  • Happiness
  • Fulfillment
  • Passion
  • Inner Peace
  • Purpose
  • Freedom
Good News
The good news is, you don’t have to look anywhere else but within to discover the secrets to living a life filled with happiness, fulfillment, passion, inner peace, purpose, and freedom.

Free Your Story, Free Your Life is a half day self-discovery session that will unearth your past to identify patterns, pain, and skewed perspectives that are holding you back from living in complete freedom.

Life is good, but there is something missing. You don’t quite know what that something is, but you can’t shake the feeling that there must be more. There has to be something more.
You are...
  • Playing small
  • Merely existing
  • Looking for adventure
  • Feeling lonely
  • Seeking clarity
Sure, you could continue living the way you are living.
But with each click of the second hand on the clock, your life is passing you by.

And there will always be an excuse to ignore that inner voice that says, “There is something more inside of me.”

The to-do list will always be full.

There will always be someone else’s life that you can fix.

Other people’s needs will always be put before your own.

But the moment you put your head on the pillow at night, the silence reminds you - “Wake up! You don’t get a second chance at life.”

Free Your Story, Free Your Life
Creates a safe space for vulnerability so you can embrace your past, accept your present, and move forward into the future with integrity.
During the workshop, you will...
  • Create a life timeline 
  • Identify common themes 
  • Establish your core values 
  • Resolve past trauma 
  • Release relationships 
  • Forgive others and yourself 
  • Change Your Narrative 
  • Take Control of Your Future 
Stop looking to someone else or something else for your answers.
Free Your Story, Free Your Life is an insightful process of self-discovery to uncover the answers you’ve searched heaven and earth for!

I know, I know.

I can hear you already.

“But Amy, why would I want to go back to parts of my story that caused me so much pain? I don’t want to look back.”

It’s a great question, and it’s valid.

Have I got some good news for you - the answer to your question is simple.

You aren’t looking back to dwell on your pain.

You are looking back with a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to heal your pain.
Freeing My Story
It started as just a simple phone call. No one knew that the moment my mom pressed end on the phone, our family would be changed forever. I ran up the stairs after I heard her yelling in her bedroom. By the time I got to the doorway, my mom was slumped over on the bed with the phone hanging limply from her left hand.

My dad’s mistress had just called, and the details of their secret affair had been exposed. The days that followed were a slow unraveling of our family unit. Anger, sadness, and complete devastation were quickly infiltrating my life.

Trauma has an interesting way of uncovering what was already within. In this case, my parent’s separation revealed almost 26 years of issues that I had shoved down. Once my dad moved out of the house, I realized that I resented him. Not just for the affair, but also for years of neglect. I felt abandoned by my dad at a young age, but the ability to communicate that or even feel it was a foreign skill that I didn’t possess.

Instead of shoving down yet another emotion and running from my past, I decided to face it. I began going backward. And what I discovered completely changed my life. I started identifying and acknowledging my pain, when it came to my relationship with my dad. I admitted it to myself, and then I admitted it to him.

What followed was a journey of healing and rebuilding. I wrote my dad letters outlining my anger and disappointment. We had phone calls and in-person meetings. I would cry as I talked about my childhood wounds. My dad listened and shared pieces of his story as well, which revealed his own painful past with his father. Understanding that my dad didn’t really know how to be a dad, I realized that he had done the best he could.

He had no real example of what a good father looked like, especially when it came to fathering girls. Using my story and his, I was able to see my dad through the eyes of my humanity and not the role of his daughter. Revisiting and resolving even the most painful part of my story brought healing and forgiveness.

In 2018, my dad died unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident. There were a lot of regrets I had on the day we laid him to rest. But then there was an immense amount of gratitude. I was thankful for the 8 years of friendship and connection that we had built together. Revisiting past pain and joy in my story resulted in healing that made space for my dad and me to form an authentic relationship that turned into one of the most cherished connections I’ve ever had.

Every part of your story has value - no matter how tragic or triumphant.
  • The trauma
  • The disappointment 
  • The betrayal
  • The failure
  • The suffering

  • They are just as important and useful as:
  • The laughter
  • The success
  • The joy
  • The fulfillment
  • The milestones
My name is Amy Kochek. I am a ghostwriter, coach and speaker.
But beyond the formalities, I’m currently in recovery from 30 plus years of spiritual abuse within a controlling religious system. I grew up in an extremely strict environment. Our dress code was specific and heavily monitored. No pants, no makeup, no jewelry, no skirts that went above the knee, and no sleeveless shirts. The dress standards were merely the tip of the iceberg of manipulation and control.

It seems strange that this was my reality as I look at the words above. But when you are living it, the details of your life become normalized. And my life felt relatively normal. That is, until I was asked to teach a lesson on integrity at a women’s conference hosted at the church I attended in Tennessee.

What started as a list of concepts and scriptures about the importance of integrity, morphed into my own personal struggle. It was 3:00 am, and I was sitting in front of my laptop screen as my fingers moved freely over the keys. I couldn’t believe what was coming out of me. Details of my story that I had never shared with anyone were now on display in front of my eyes.

At first, panic sunk in. But as I continued to write, despite my fears, I could feel a weight coming off of me. I felt lighter. About a month later, I self-published the book and released it to a mass audience. Some people praised me. Some people rebuked me. It was too late for that to have any lasting impact on me. My story had been unlocked, and it wasn’t going away anytime soon.

What I didn’t realize was, I had just freed a part of my story. And that one step, as insignificant as it seemed at the time, led me on a two-year journey that ended in 2016 when I decided to break away from that religion for good. I lost everything in the process, but what I gained pales in comparison.

Now, that is only a small piece of my story, but I want to highlight the power of even just a moment in your life. Everything you have experienced has significance, whether good or bad. And if you learn how to, you can take every life experience and turn it into your greatest teacher. I can say boldly that when you tell your story, your life will never be the same. How do I know? Because my story changed my life, and I’ve watched it do the same for countless others.

Free Your Story, Free Your Life will give you a resource that you will start using during our time together.

But you can also take the resource home and continue to dive into every part of your story as many times as you wish.

You aren’t just receiving a day of motivation and inspiration.

You are receiving a life-changing tool that will guide you through the hidden areas of your life to find the answers you need.

Join me as we begin to peel back the layers of your story to find the core of who you are and who you were always meant to be.

That kind of freedom can only be found within.

And that’s where we are going - together.

Secure Your Seat to the Free Your Story, Free Your Life Workshop!
My one day, intensive seminar gives you an all-access pass to me as I guide you through your story.

We will dive deep into each part of your life to uncover the clarity and direction you need to move forward in freedom.

Plus, you will learn how to resolve long-held offenses and rewrite your narrative.

The process is simple and broken down into manageable steps so you don’t have to worry about becoming overwhelmed.

The support and encouragement will be there so you can truly free your life.

Are you Ready?

Saturday, June 29th
9:00 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time
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